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It's no fun fixing red-eye in multiple snapshots. To save time and effort, we developed a unique product that fixes the red-eye in all of your digital pictures completely automatically, and requires absolutely no intervention on your part!

Stop spending hours in graphic editors! No need to open pictures one by one, and manually select and fix the eyes! No degrading your picture quality by re-saving JPEGs! StopRedEye!™ will do the job for you automatically and in the best possible way. It'll only retouch the parts of an image that need correction and won't cause the quality loss that would inevitably happen should you open your picture in an editor and save it again in JPEG format.

To fix red eyes in your digital snapshots, simply select them and click "Start Correction" in StopRedEye!™ The program will handle the rest - automatically. It'll take a bunch of photos you've just selected, automatically detect human faces, discover and check the eyes, and fix the eyes by giving them back their natural color. And did I mention that it all happens automatically? You can sit and watch, or make and have some coffee in the process - without affecting the result!

Every time you open and save a JPEG digital picture in an editor its quality is decreased. That's inevitable with regular image editing tools due to the nature of the JPEG compression algorithm. But why degrade the entire image quality if you just need to fix a tiny part of it? StopRedEye!™ employs a unique algorithm that makes the red-eye correction lossless. It extracts and retouches only the small parts of an image that contain the eyes, and does not affect the rest of the picture. Thanks to this unique feature, your image quality will not be negatively affected by StopRedEye!™

Do you want the numbers? We tested a sample of 1200 different pictures. StopRedEye!™ could find and correct red eyes in 98% of our tested samples. Each digital picture took just 5 to 7 seconds, which means just under 10 minutes for a hundred shots!

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Hide Master

Hide Master boxshot

Do you play computer games at your workplace?

Do you worry that your boss may catch you unawares during playing?

Do you have to quickly close games, Internet browsers and messengers or reboot your system every time when somebody enters into a room?

Are you afraid to look through an adult content on your computer because your wife or girlfriend may catch you unawares?

We present to you Hide Master, the computer program which will help you to solve all problems described above. Hide Master is powerful but easy to use tool for hiding windows and programs. Hide Master was designed specially to provide comfortable relaxation and save your time. Now in case of unforeseen consequence you should only press Hotkey combination on the keyboard and all unwanted windows will be hidden. At a later time you will be able to return all hidden windows back to the desktop and continue your work or relaxation.

So if you are looking for fast, flexible and convenient way to hide windows / hide programs / hide applications, please try our product - it's exactly what you want!

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PE Corrector

PE Corrector boxshot

PE Corrector corrects Windows Portable Executable (PE) files (EXE, DLL, SYS, BPL, DPL, CPL, OCX, ACM, AX, and SCR), removing extraneous information from the final file version. This information may include headers, strings with illegal characters, and export debugging functions.

Many compilers insert this binary trash into the compiled file, which significantly increases its final size. More dangerously, it gives hackers direct clues about how your program works and the easiest way to bypass its defense.

PE Corrector removes unnecessary debugging functions, clears binary trash in headers, organizes internal file structure, erases section names (.rsrc, .reloc, .pdata, and so on), and removes relocation tables.

In addition, PE Corrector allows programmers to insert their own data into the header (copyright information, for example), and examine the list of the export functions. The program can prepare Portable Executable files for EXE packers and reduce their size.

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Fix red-eye in a bunch of digital photos automatically with no quality loss!

PE Corrector 1.84 has been released.
New feature: IBM Visual Age C++ compiler support.
What's new >>

PE Corrector 1.81 has been released.
New feature: alternative flag ($All$) for erasing all exported functions using command line has been added.
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Hide Master 1.82 has been released.
What's new >>

Hide Master 1.81 has been released.
What's new >>

Hide Master 1.80 has been released.
New feature: true and flexible tray icons hiding
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